Senator Cotton shoots down NBC Russian Hunt [VIDEO]

On NBC’s Sunday “Meet The Press.” Senator Tom Cotton points out that it is way to early for the media to be calling for a special prosecutor. Talking Head Todd tries to tie Donald Trump into Russia hacking the Presidential Election. It is one of those “seriousness of the charge” moments that the alt-left media uses to impute guilt. Senator Cotton handles skillfully in this interview. [Video]

As Written by Pam Key for Breitbart:

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” while discussing the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Russia’s hacking during last year’s presidential election and disputed contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said there was “no credible evidence of these contacts beyond anonymous sources in the media.”

COTTON: I think that’ s way, way getting ahead of ourselves here, Chuck. There are no allegations of any crime occurring and there’s not an even indication that there’s criminal investigations under way from the FBI as opposed to counterintelligence investigations which the FBI conducts all the time as our main counterintelligence bureau. If we get down the road that’s a decision that attorney general sessions can make at the time.


Cotton: ‘No Credible Evidence’ on Contacts Between Trump Campaign, Russia – Breitbart



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