BOOM!!!! Remember When Obama’s 2008 Campaign Reps Talked with Iran, Hamas?

There is no corporate memory of an explosion of indignity when Obama aides were in communication with Iran and Hamas before Obama took office. However, Robert Malley stepped down as an informal foreign policy adviser to Obama when that was revealed. Do you remember any of this? Due to lack of media outrage, probably not.

As Written by Aaron Klein for Breitbart: 

Amid the controversy surrounding White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s alleged conversations with Russia, it may be instrumental to recall that representatives for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign were accused of meeting with Hamas and Iran.

Depending on what took place, the alleged contacts with Iran may have violated the Logan Act, which bars citizens from negotiating with foreign governments in dispute with the United States. It may be questionable whether Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, legally qualifies as a foreign government.

In 2008, Robert Malley stepped down as an informal foreign policy adviser to Obama’s campaign when it was revealed that he met with Hamas members.

Malley admitted to the meetings, but he claimed he met with the terrorists as part of his private job.

“I have never hidden the fact that I had meetings with Hamas,” Malley wrote in an open letter published in the New York Times. “I do this as part of my job as Middle East program director at the International Crisis Group.”

He said he distanced himself from Obama’s ……


FLASHBACK – Reports: Obama’s 2008 Campaign Reps Talked with Iran, Hamas



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