Leftist Protesters Poised to Shame Senator Isakson

The alt-left organization, Democracy Spring Georgia, was all set to do a hostile meet and greet with Senator Johnny Isakson when he met with constituents. The Senator had to call off the meeting due to a required surgery ay Emory. Democracy Spring Georgia decided the fair thing to do would be to call it off. Not all their members feel that way. Read their hateful comments and plans here.

As Written By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

Leftists protesters are furious after organizers of a “shame march” against 72-year-old Senator Johnny Isakson called off the event when they realized Isakson, who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, is just days removed from back surgery.

The “shame march” was needed because, according to the protesters, Isakson, who had the surgery on Thursday, “hasn’t made an effort to come speak with his constituents.”

Leftist organization Democracy Spring Georgia organized the march around a fundraiser where Isakson was slated to appear. Isakson’s surgery prevented him from attending the fundraiser, so Democracy Spring Georgia cancelled the protest in the spirit of fair play.

“It would be beneath the standard we are upholding them to if we take to the streets to publicly shame someone who is not fit or well enough to be present for their own shaming,” organizers explained in a statement on…..


Protesters Want To Shame Johnny Isakson Despite Back Surgery | The Daily Caller



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