HuffPo Writer: White Churches Have To ‘Repent The Sin Of Racism’ 

In a Huffington Post article, Jim Wallis says that white people who voted for Donald Trump must repent of their sins. I can respond to this in multiple ways, so let’s get started. The first question is what is the name of Mr. Wallis’ Church and when was the last time he attended? Most voters of Mr. Wallis’ liberal progressive values say that you should never be allowed to vote your Christian values. Here he wants us to modify our values and vote his way. Of course, we won’t. True Christian Churches do not practice racism, so who exactly is he talking about? Please be specific. You can read about his prattle below.

As Written By Justin Caruso for the Daily Caller:

A recent article published in The Huffington Post takes aim at white Christians who voted for Donald Trump, telling them they must examine and repent their racist ways.

In the article, entitled “Studying Racism As An Act Of Repentance And Resistance In The Trump Era,” Jim Wallis writes,

“In our homes and in our churches, we must answer the question: “What should white Christians and white churches do in the Trump era?” Repent of the sin of racism. That means to study, learn, and change our relationships in order to act in changing our practices and policies of racism.”

Wallis also points to the fact that white Christian support of Trump is “painful” to him, and that “many people” are “losing trust” in white Christians who say they are not racists.

He notes that white Christians voted for Trump in a higher number than whites without a college……


HuffPost: White Churches Have To ‘Repent The Sin Of Racism’ | The Daily Caller



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