Democrats Overboard on Obstructionism, Playing into the Hands of the GOP

Obstructionism has become the new byword of the Democrat party. They have decided to put all their apples into this basket and double-down on stopping President Trump with this strategy. In this article, you can get a feel for why this is going t go bad for them. You will also see why it worked once for the Republicans but may never work again. Good read for you.

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

Can “the Resistance” cure what ails Democrats? The party has gone deeper into the political wilderness than at any time over the past century, but they have engaged — so far, anyway — on an obstructionist and protest spree in order to remain relevant. That has hardened the polarization in Washington DC and around the nation, and that may not produce the results Democrats expect. In fact, as the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake points out, polarization plays into the hands of the GOP:

The reason I say that is because polarization in this country favors Republicans more than Democrats, at least when it comes to Congress. Republicans have something of an inherent advantage in both the House and Senate, and polarization helps reinforce those advantages these days.

Why? There are simply more red states and more red districts. Republicans took over the House and Senate in recent years largely because they knocked off some of the final hangers-on among Democrats in conservative-leaning places. It first happened in the South; then it spread to Appalachia and the Midwest. …

The 2016 election is a good example of this. Trump, as everyone knows, lost the popular vote by two full points, 48-46. But despite that loss, he actually won 230 out of 435 congressional districts, compared to 205 for Hillary Clinton, according to numbers compiled by Daily Kos Elections. And in the Senate, he won 30 out of 50 states.

So basically, 53 percent of House districts are Republican and 60 out of 100 senators hail from red states, according to the 2016 election results (in which the GOP, again, lost the popular vote).

Blake notes that Democrats point to Republican successes in obstructionism over the last eight years and claim it will work for them. Blake’s data makes it clear that, even if the situations were similar, it wouldn’t work out the same way. Democratic political strength is concentrated in cities and coastal states; Republicans have a far broader distribution of political strength. Obstruction and polarization might help Democrats turn out better in ….


WaPo: Obstructionism might play into the hands of the GOP « Hot Air



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