US Intelligence Agencies: Russians Did Not Doctor Wikileaks Emails 

The Director of National Intelligence has affirmed that the Wikileaks emails from the DNC had, in fact, NOT been doctored from their original versions. In other words, these emails had in no way been changed as the DNC leadership tried to claim. The focus should no be on the contents of the emails and not where they came from. That email pile is the 1000 lb gorilla in the room that no one is talking about.

As Written By Rachel Stotzfoos for Daily Caller:

The Democratic National Committee emails released by Wikileaks were not forged by the Russians, U.S. intelligence agencies said in a report Friday, putting to rest a prominent Democrat talking point regarding the emails.

“Disclosures through Wikileaks did not contain any evident forgeries,” the report from the Director of National Intelligence states, adding that Russia likely chose to release the emails to Wikileaks because of its reputation for authenticity. The report says the assessment was made by the intel community with a high level of confidence.

Democrats used the talking point that Russians could have doctored the emails consistently throughout the presidential campaign, as damaging emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta were released by Wikileaks over a period of……

Full Story Here:

US Intel: Russians Did Not Doctor Wikileaks Emails | The Daily Caller



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