Trumpism is not in the dictionary yet but here is the definition

Just exactly what is Trumpism. You can Google it and if you are not careful you will find a liberal site that will gladly define it for you in the worse possible light. Or, you could read this article and get a good feel for what Trumpism is to the level-headed conservative base. 

As Written By Victor David Hanson for National Review:

Trump is hated by liberal Democrats because, among other things, he is likely to reverse the entire Obama project. And, far worse, he probably will seek fundamental ways of obstructing its future resurgence — even perhaps by peeling off traditional Democratic constituencies.

The proverbial mainstream media despise Trump. Culturally, he has become a totem of their fears: coarseness, ostentatiousness, flamboyance, and the equation of big money with taste and success. His new approach to the media may make them irrelevant, and they fear their downfall could be well earned.

The Republican Washington–to–New York establishment is alienated by Trump. It finds his behavior reckless and his ideology unpredictable — especially given his cruel destruction of in-house Republican candidates in the primaries and his past flirtations with liberal ideas and politicians. That he has now brought them more opportunity for conservative political change than any Republican candidate in a century only adds insult to their sense of injury.

Note the common denominator to the all these hostile groups: It is Trump the man, not Trump the avatar of some political movement that they  …..


Trumpism: What Is It? Tradition, Populism, American Greatness, for Starters | National Review



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