Top Intel Chair hasn’t seen evidence Russia hacked for Trump 

Julian Assange said it plainly for all the world to hear “there were no state actors” involved in the emails sent to Wikileaks. Now it seems even the Top House Intelligence Chairman also says there is nothing that has crossed his path that has given evidence of a Russian hack.

Why all the fuss with accusing Russia when it seems the people that know aren’t showing and or proving their statements of a Russian hack? There is only one reason. Julian Assange states “it is to delegitimize Trump” and we can all see how obvious that is. Read the full story below.

As Written By David M. Drucker for Washington Examiner:

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said he has not seen evidence that Russia tried to swing the 2016 election to President-elect Trump.

The California Republican is the top congressman in charge of overseeing and funding U.S. intelligence agencies and activities, and he has access to sensitive material.

In a wide-ranging interview Monday with the Washington Examiner’s weekly podcast “Examining Politics,” to be broadcast Thursday, Nunes said that he has not seen intelligence proving that Russian strongman Vladimir Putin unleashed his government’s computer hackers on the U.S. in a direct bid to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“There’s no proof that we have from intelligence sources that I’ve seen that show that the Russians were directly trying to help Trump,” Nunes said……


House intel chair hasn’t seen evidence Russia hacked for Trump | Washington Examiner



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