President-Elect Trump Beats Obama on Engagement with Congress

President-Elect Donald Trump is already being seen as much more engaged and accessible than President Obama ever was. Mr. Trump is definitely high energy and connected to the processes going on around him. This has to be refreshing for a Congress that has been mostly ignored by the White House for eight long years.

As Written By SUSAN CRABTREE for the Washington Examiner:

President-elect Trump is taking a far more hands-on approach to working with Congress than his senator-turned-president predecessor.

President Obama spent four years in the upper chamber, working closely with many colleagues on both sides of the aisle, but when voters sent him to the White House, he notoriously gave Capitol Hill the cold shoulder. Former congressional colleagues, even some of his biggest supporters, often described him as distant and aloof, a no-drama leadership style that eschewed President George W. Bush’s chummy nicknaming of lawmakers who he cultivated with regular White House lunch and dinner invitations.

Trump’s direct, in-your-face engagement with likely allies as well as foes is already starting to break down some initial barriers on Capitol Hill and earning him high praise from early converts…..

Full Story Continues Here:

Trump beats Obama engagement with Congress, say friend and foe | Washington Examiner



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