Poor Democrats Feel that Confirmation Hearings Have too Intense of a Schedule

Poor Senator Chuckie Schumer feels that the confirmation hearings have too intense a schedule. He thinks that the Republicans are being ‘unfair.’ Maybe he should take a peek back in history to when the Democrats were working the schedule. Elections do have consequences Mr. Minority Leader. 

As Written By James Arkin for Real Clear Politics:

Senate Democrats are frustrated that Republican leaders have scheduled six confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees next Wednesday, the same day the president-elect will hold his first press conference in many months.

Democrats oppose several of the appointees and hope to drag out the vetting process, thus maximizing the public exposure of their complaints. They are concerned that with multiple hearings occurring simultaneously, it will be more difficult to fully question and evaluate the nominees in public settings. They’re also concerned that the schedule coincides with Trump’s press conference – and will take place the day after President Obama’s final speech in office – further taking attention away from the confirmation process.

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor Thursday he had shared his concerns about the schedule with his Republican counterpart, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and hoped for a solution to “alleviate the crunch.”

“That is mostly unprecedented in the modern era of Cabinet considerations, happening only once in history,” Schumer said of the six hearings in one day. “That’s not the standard.”

Schumer said “mostly unprecedented” because six confirmation hearings for President George W. Bush’s nominees were held two days ….

Full Story Here:

Dems: Confirmation Hearings Schedule Limits Scrutiny | RealClearPolitics



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