Obama Tells Who’s REALLY to Blame for His Obamacare disaster

It’s not just the Republicans that are being blamed for the failures of Obamacare. You can add to that list Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democrats. Thes are president Obama’s view on the matter. It is highly interesting that he would even admit to its failures, but not surprising that he would find others to blame.

As Written By Roberta Rampton for Fox Business:

President Barack Obama said on Friday that criticism from the left wing of his own Democratic Party helped feed into the unpopularity of Obamacare, his signature healthcare reform law.

Obama has been spending part of his last two weeks in office urging supporters to speak out against plans by Republicans – who will soon control both the White House and Congress – to dismantle the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

At a town hall event with Vox Media, Obama acknowledged the politics have been stacked against his reforms, mainly blaming Republicans who he said refused to help make legislative fixes to Obamacare, which provides subsidies for private insurance to lower-income Americans who do not have healthcare plans at work.

But Obama also said Liberals like former Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders had contributed to the program’s …..


Now Obama is Blaming Democrats for Healthcare Fail | Fox Business



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