NBC Makes an Obama List of ‘Most Telling’ Quotes ….. They forgot a few

NBC’s political reporter, Adam Howard seems to have swooned as he recalls the great oratory of President Obama during his presidency. He says that these soundbites capture his legacy. I think history will be much more critical of Mr. Obama than NBC. Such great lines as “you can keep your insurance” to “JV team,” will not be found in Mr. Howard’s article. Here is what he missed.

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

Perhaps the urge to offer substance-free hosannas to a departing president would be understandable coming from his ideological allies, but … it’s not a good look from mainstream media outlets. NBC News’ Politics reporter Adam Howard cites Obama’s “soaring oratory” as his calling card and selects fifteen of Obama’s soundbites that “best capture his legacy.” Curiously, however, almost none of them actually capture anything other than clichés and platitudes:

As a president renowned for his soaring oratory, it was perhaps inevitable that Barack Obama would deliver several memorable statements over his eight years in the White House. As his consequential tenure in the White House comes to a close, here are the quotes that best capture his legacy[.]

Number two on the list is one of the more amusing. When Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize — despite having done nothing at all by that point in pursuit of peace except be elected — Obama offered a defense of the military as an instrument of peace, and affirmed that “war promises human tragedy” … a statement that is as generic as it is obvious. Howard called this statement “almost a case study of the more nuanced approach his administration took to addressing national security and foreign policy.”

No it didn’t — nor do these actually reflect Obama’s legacy. They represent in some cases the spin Obama gave on his legacy, such as his declaration in March 2010 that “Health care reform is no longer an unmet promise. It is the law of the land.” That’s almost certainly going to stop being the case in the next few months or even weeks, and it’s because of the unmet promises Obama made with ObamaCare. Oddly enough, Howard doesn’t include the quote that Politifact later called the “Lie of the Year” among the “telling” reflections on his legacy:

“If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.” Obama said this repeatedly during the debate and implementation of ObamaCare, only to have it become obvious that it simply wasn’t true. This broken promise might have been the most consequential…..


NBC’s list of “most telling” Obama quotes missing a few « Hot Air



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