Jeff Sessions, as A.G. will restore police, DOJ relationship 

President-Elect Donald Trump’s choice as Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, will go a long way restoring a balanced relationship. The Department of Justice and police forces have not been on the best of terms. Mr. Sessions will have a major task restoring what the current administration has damaged.

As Written By Jonathan Thompson for The Hill, Op-ed:

Every day members of the law enforcement community come to work prepared for anything. They understand that they are the thin blue line between a safe public and criminal activity — and each moment presents a new challenge.

Law enforcement understands the dangers of protecting their communities and go to work each day knowing they might be shot for their communities’ safety. This past year saw the highest number of law enforcement fatalities in five years including 21 that were ambushed, shot and killed.

Over the past few years’ law enforcement has been missing a key component to succeed in their jobs — federal government support.

While law enforcement is asked to do more and more with the ever-changing world of terrorism and public safety, the current administration has rolled-back much of the progress achieved through decades of effective policing through qualitative and quantitative resourcing.  In return the nation’s crime rates have risen faster than at any time in our modern history.

While the mood toward law enforcement at the federal level has degraded we now see how out of touch this administration has been with the public.  The dialogue between the administration and those charged with protecting us has grown outright hostile, making their jobs even more difficult and dangerous.

While this …..


As AG, Jeff Sessions will restore police, Dept. of Justice relationship | TheHill



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