In One Night, President Obama Cost American Businesses $7 Billion

President Obama has turned his last days in office into the most expensive per-diem bill that taxpayers and businesses have ever seen. In just one night he managed to attach $7.4 Billion in new Federal regulations to the nation’s expense account. The total add-ons could surpass $44 Billion. Maybe Mr. Trump can get us a rebate.

Intro by Rusty Weiss for the Mental Recession and the article by the Daily Caller Foundation.

The Obama administration is busy pushing out last-minute regulations, including releasing $7.4 billion worth of new rules in just one night.

Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the right-leaning American Action Forum (AAF), compiled a list of regulations published Wednesday night in the Federal Register.


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The Obama administration is making sure its last months in control of regulatory agencies are used to pump out as many rules as it can. These “midnight” regulations could end up costing more than $44 billion, though many are likely to be repealed by Congress and President-elect Donald Trump.

Federal agencies are on track to impose a record number of major regulations this year. The Obama administration is on track to impose 100 new regulations in December — twice the monthly average for 2016…..


In Just One Night, Obama Cost American Businesses $7 Billion




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