HUTSON: ‘To Russia, With Love,’ Starring Barack Obama and the Democrat Party

Thanks to a compliant mainstream media the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton have a bunch of things that the Russians may or may not have hacked. If all you read are the headlines, then you are convinced that the election was hacked. What you have here is fake news. It is not possible to hack the election system. John Podesta’s computer was phished and the contents exposed. Read more here.

As Written By Warner Todd Hutson for Constitution:

After rolling in the mud for nearly two months desperately trying to find some reason, any reason… you know, other than facts… for their November 8 loss, Barack Obama, the Democrat Party, and their handmaidens in the Old Media complex have finally found their perfect scape goat:

It wuz the Russians wut dun it.

Of course any look at the facts we have before us will prove that there was never any hacking of the election. And even if Russian hackers had something to do with the hacking of the Democrat Party and Clinton chief John Podesta’s email system from which months of leaks emerged in drip-drip fashion damaging Hillary’s campaign, that is not the same thing as saying “the election was hacked.” Hacking John Podesta’s badly safeguarded emails is NOT the “hacking” of the election.

But damn the truth, since just after the election Barack Obama has been selling the fiction that the Russians “hacked the election” and ostensibly selling that as the reason Hillary lost. But thus far there has been absolutely no proof at all that any of the 50 states and all their many millions of machines in their thousands of voting districts were electronically messed with in any way at all. One would think that Obama loves this whole thing. The fake news of a Russian hacking is his excuse du jour.

So, even though we have no evidence, Obama has been ramping up is anti-Russia actions which have now resulted in the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and government employees based here in the U.S.A.

One of those expelled was even reportedly an embassy chef. I guess Obama thought this guy might hack someone’s lunch, or something.

And dutifully following the lead of their boss, the left-wing media has been desperately searching about for stories to give credence to Obama’s new diplomatic war on Russia. In fact, just last week, The Washington Post rushed to push a story about Russians hacking the U.S. electric grid in Vermont.

Late on Friday, December 30, after Obama had announced he was expelling the Russian diplomatic contingent, the Post rushed out a story entitled, “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont, officials say.”

The tale breathlessly told of a Vermont power plant that was “hacked” by the Russians leaving the U.S electrical grid open to their malicious intentions. It would have been a scary tale… if it were only true.

It turned out that the paper never bothered to get any quotes or the straight story from people at the actual power company that was supposedly hacked and when those folks finally spoke up they informed the nation that only one laptop that was not connected to their systems had been found with outdated Russian malware code on it. There was never for a second any fear that the “U.S. electrical grid was hacked,” as the paper tried to claim in its early treatment……


‘To Russia, With Love,’ Starring Barack Obama and the Democrat Party ⋆ The Constitution



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