Dramatic behind-the-scenes alarms were triggered by the Clinton’s emails

When you get through reading this, you will see that the FBI called the Clinton email server issue. The Bureau assessed that Top Secret information was compromised. It is amazing that no one has been indicted or brought up on charges. The warnings by the FBI were ignored. This is unconscionable.

As Written By Richard Pollock for Daily Caller:

FBI counter-terrorism officials warned in the summer of 2015 that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doing official business on her home email system potentially compromised national security, according to new 300 pages of new evidence released late Sunday.

The warnings came even as Clinton — by then heavily favored to win the Democratic presidential nomination — casually dismissed any problems with the private email system in her New York mansion.

Dramatic behind-the-scenes alarms were triggered by the Clinton’s emails, a fact which is vividly depicted throughout the newly released documents.

Randall C. Coleman, assistant director of the Bureau’s counterintelligence division, approved a memo circulated throughout FBI headquarters that claiming “an activity constituting a federal crime or a threat to national security has or may have …..


FBI Officials Worried Clinton Emails Hacked | The Daily Caller



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