Donald Trump mocks Obamacare lie and Senator Chuck Schumer in Twitter

President-Elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to mock Chuck Schumer over his Obamacare threats. Mr. Trump makes it very clear that it is time for the Democrats to abandon the lies of the ACA and come to the table to fix things. As yu know, the Democrats own the mess that is Obamacare.

As Written By David Martosko, US Political Editor and Geoff Earle, Deputy Us Political Editor For

President-elect Donald Trump lashed out at congressional Democrats on Thursday – including ‘head clown’ Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader – saying they should work with Republicans to find a workable replacement for the Obamacare medical insurance overhaul plan.

‘The Democrats, lead [sic] by head clown Chuck Schumer, know how bad ObamaCare is and what a mess they are in. Instead of working to fix it, they do the typical political thing and BLAME,’ Trump wrote in a series of morning tweets.

‘The fact is ObamaCare was a lie from the beginning.”Keep you [sic] doctor, keep your plan!” It is time for Republicans & Democrats to get together and come up with a healthcare plan that really works – much less expensive & FAR BETTER!’

A day earlier, the president-elect urged Republicans to blame Democrats for the ‘mess’ of Obamacare, while outgoing president Barack Obama counseled Democrats not to bail Republicans out by signing on to replacement efforts once the GOP goes through with its plan to repeal Obama’s signature legislative proposal…….

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Trump mocks Obamacare ‘lie’ and Chuck Schumer in Twitter rant | Daily Mail Online



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