Did Chief Justice Roberts Just Poke at Trump?

It would appear that Supre Court Chief Justice John Roberts did indeed take a poke at President-Elect Donald Trump in his year-end report. Mr. Trump was very vocal this year in accusing a Federal Judge, Gonzalo Curiel, was biased against him in a fraud trial for wanting to build the wall on the southern border. 

As Written By Kevin Daley for the Daily Caller:

Chief Justice John Roberts compared a judge’s role to that of an umpire at his 2005 confirmation hearings — 11 years later, he may have called a strike on President-elect Donald Trump.

The chief dedicated part of his annual 2016 year-end report on the state of the judiciary to praising the discipline and integrity of federal district justices. Some legal commentators are wondering if Roberts was taking a veiled shot at the president-elect, who spent the better part of last summer criticizing, without basis, the federal judge presiding over a Trump University fraud trial.

“The men and women across the country who today serve as district judges are generally not well known…but they deserve tremendous respect,” Roberts wrote. “District judges make a difference every day, and leave a lasting legacy, by making our society more fair and just.”

As the summer doldrums of the general election settled in and Trump lawyers incurred a series of setbacks in federal court in advance of the fraud trial, the president-elect spent weeks asserting the presiding judge, Judge Gonzalo Curiel, was biased against him because he is a Mexican. Curiel, though of ……


Did Roberts Take A Shot At Trump In His Year End Report? | The Daily Caller



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