Chicago Teens TAUNTED Parents of Tortured Special Needs Victim Over Text Message

Without a doubt, the story of the so-called teens in Chicago torturing a special needs man is the most disturbing indictment of an out of control society. Why would anyone do this to an impaired person? You can call them teens on a technicality, but they are full-fledged adult criminals. This story and video of hate and madness is not for the weak to read or watch.

As Written By Yahoo News and Reported by the Chicago Tribune:

Details are emerging about the four Chicago teens who were arrested in connection with the beating of a man after broadcasting the act via Facebook Live on Tuesday

The parents of the victim, an 18-year-old special needs student, reported him missing Monday, telling police they had not heard from their son since dropping him off Saturday at a McDonald’s to meet with a friend in the Chicago suburb of Streamwood, according to the Chicago Tribune

After the man was reported missing, his parents began getting text messages from someone “claiming to be holding him captive,” the outlet reported.

While investigating the texts, Streamwood police came across the 30-minute Facebook Live video showing the victim being tormented by his captors. Shortly after, Chicago police found the man who had been reported missing wandering the streets “in crisis,” according to police.

Police were not……


Chicago Teens Taunted Parents of Special Needs Victim Over Text Message, Police Say




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