BOOM! Resolution to Repeal Obamacare introduced in House and Senate

On the first day of the new congress and senate Republicans in both houses introduced Obamacare repeal simultaneously. Americans across the nation who are unable to currently afford the Affordable Care Act passed under and by the Barack Hussein Obama administration will soon see that help is on the way. Read the full story below.

As Written By streiff for Red State:

So just now Speaker of the House Paul (Only-one-dissenting-vote) Ryan announced that a resolution has been introduced to repeal Obamacare

“This is the first step toward relief for Americans struggling under Obamacare. This resolution sets the stage for repeal followed by a stable transition to a better health care system. Our goal is to ensure that patients will be in control of their health care and have greater access to quality, affordable coverage. Today we begin to deliver on our promise to the American people.”

Resolution text.

Meanwhile, over in the Senate, Mike Enzi has done the same thing.

Republicans are wasting no time in their effort to repeal Obamacare.

Senate Republicans took the first official step toward repealing President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law Tuesday afternoon, filing a budget resolution that puts the wheels of overhauling the Affordable Care Act into motion.

The move, coming just hours after the commencement of a new session of Congress …..


BREAKING. Obamacare Repeal Resolution Introduced | RedState



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