BOMBSHELL AUDIO: Kerry on rise of ISIL ‘We watched it happen, we thought we could manage’

Of course they knew. Would it be anything other than pure ignorance and stupidity that would have allowed ISIL (now ISIS) to continue their domination?

We have witnessed the must inept presidential administration in history these last eight years. It will be nice to see the adults back in charge. Read the full story below.

It’s not that we haven’t been able to put this together from information that was already out there.  We’ve known for some time that the Obama administration was warned about the rise of ISIS as early as August 2012, by field intelligence forwarded from the Defense Intelligence Agency (then under Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is now Donald Trump’s national security adviser-designate).

We knew when ISIS attacked Mosul, Iraq in June 2014 that the Obama administration had been warned about ISIS’s encroachments in Iraq months earlier.  (I wrote about ISIS’s menace to central Iraq, through the Euphrates Corridor, in January 2014.  My concern at the time was that ISIS was a different kind of threat, one that emphasized conquering and leveraging territory.)

Yet after the fall of Mosul in 2014, John Kerry had the crust to claim publicly that “people were surprised everywhere” by the ISIS attack and the city’s subsequent fall.  This in spite of a Kurdish official’s statement about the ISIS assault on Mosul, and the warning the Kurds had given:

It also validates prior concerns about Kerry’s posture on working with the Russians in Syria; i.e., he knew full well that the U.S. and Russia were at cross-purposes there, and that Russia would not respect the same limitations on the use of force to minimize collateral damage.  Yet this past summer, he was extremely urgent about creating a joint military project between U.S. and Russian forces in Syria.

(There’s yet another delightful passage in which Kerry explains that the U.S. doesn’t attack Hezbollah in Syria – even though Hezbollah is a designated terrorist group and is attacking Syrians – because Hezbollah hasn’t declared hostility to the U.S., but only to Israel.)

But here’s the money passage.  Kerry is responding to a self-described social-media activist, a Syrian woman who has just taken him to task for, in essence, not accomplishing any of the goals he laid out in his September 2014 op-ed.  Start at 26:08 if you want to hear just…..


BOMBSHELL Kerry audio on rise of ISIS: ‘We watched it happen, we thought we could manage’ it – Liberty Unyielding



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