Assange Denies Emails Came from Russia [VIDEO]

As most of us already know and believe, the emails that were exposed by Wikileaks did not come from Russia. Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange makes it a point to let Sean Hannity know that the emails he received did not come from anyone in Russia. Sean will be airing the full interview tonight on this show. Here is a snippet of what was discussed in a teaser.

As Written By Joe Scudder for Constitution: 

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange denies that the DNC or Podesta emails came from “any state actor.”

In the footage below, which is part of an interview that airs tonight, Julian Assange denies that Russia had anything to do with the leaked emails.

Obviously, just because Julian Assange denies Russian involvement doesn’t prove that the Russians weren’t involved. He could be lying or he could be mistaken. I don’t think either of those possibilities is likely but the issue needs to be debated.

But it is not being debated in the mainstream media. Despite the many times Julian Assange denied Russian involvement, the media has treated the assertions of Federal workers (“intelligence agencies”) as proof that Putin got Trump elected. The fact that Donald Trump is skeptical of Russians “hacking” is treated as proof of at least bias on the part of the President-elect, if not outright collusion.

It is true that Donald Trump has a vested interest in denying that Russia did not give him his victory over Hillary Clinton. It is also true that such an interest doesn’t mean that his denial is false.

What is more interesting is what the media ignores: that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the rest of the Democrats have a vested interest in claiming that Russia “interference” cost them the election. Furthermore, Democrats have party loyalists in all the intelligence agencies. Combine those people with the Democrat loyalists in the media and you …..

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Julian Assange Denies Emails Came from Russia [VIDEO] ⋆ The Constitution



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