Yahoo Generates Fake News Story About Hillary Clinton

Displaying false news bordering on science fiction, Yahoo News claimed that Hillary Clinton received the most presidential votes ever. They are not even close, having missed it by just a few million votes. Barack Obama outstripped her in 2008 and 2012. What were they thinking or wishing? Trying to create the legend of Hillary Clinton, maybe.

As Written By Paul Bois for Truth Revolt:

The left has been pushing a false narrative that conservatives are responsible for “fake news” stories, and that those stories led to Hillary’s loss in the election. Turns out, Yahoo News pushed one of those stories, only in Hillary’s favor.

According to Yahoo News, Hillary won the most votes “ever received,” even though she’s 4 million votes off the mark. Not 10,000 or 100,000, but 4 million votes. How did they miss that one?

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has garnered at least 65,527,625 votes in the 2016 presidential election, the most any presidential candidate has ever received and over 2.6 million more than the president-elect, who has received at least 62,851,436 votes,” they reported.

Not even close. That record (unfortunately) goes to Barack Obama in 2008 when he garnered 69,499,428 votes. Hillary didn’t even cross his 2012 number of 65,915,795 votes. This isn’t just fake news, but propaganda from the Kremlin.

Yahoo News has since removed the piece, issuing no apology or explanation. It has vanished without a trace. Here’s a screenshot to prove it’s veracity:


Full Story Here:

Yahoo Spreads Fake News Story About Hillary Getting Most Votes ‘Ever’ | Truth Revolt



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