Newt Gingrich is of the opinion that Obama could have as much as 70% of his legacy repealed. Because President Obama has chosen to bypass Congress with his executive orders, he has left his programs open to executive repeal. Get the details below. It is the democratic way of doing things. 

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US President-elect Donald Trump may reverse up to 70 percent of President Barack Obama’s executive orders, practically erasing the legacy of the first African-American head of state, Former House speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox.

“I think in the opening couple days, he’s going to repeal 60 to 70 percent of Obama’s legacy by simply vetoing out all of the various executive orders that Obama used because he couldn’t get anything through Congress,” Gingrich said in an interview with “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox Business.

Obama, who signed over 260 executive orders in his two terms in office, urged Trump, who will be inaugurated on January 20, not to circumvent Congress when trying to enact his agenda. Obama used his executive powers to push through labor, climate and immigration reforms after Congress refused to go along with his proposed programs……

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Trump to begin presidency by repealing 70% of Obama’s legacy – Newt Gingrich — RT America



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