Trump Controlling Economic Story: His Opponents are FUMING!

President-Elect Donald Trump is driving the opposition nuts. He is already controlling the economic story with three big wins already. His favorability ratings have taken off like a bottle rocket as people begin to see that he intends to deliver on his campaign promises. 

As Written By Warner Todd Hutson for Constitution:

In only a week President-Elect Donald Trump has taken complete control of the media, especially with his two big jobs deals, and his detractors — both left and right — are furious over all of it.

As November ended, President-Elect Trump announced that he had brokered a deal with the Carrier air conditioning manufacturing company to keep about 1,000 jobs in Indiana, jobs that the company had announced were to be moved to Mexico. Trump decided to make an effort to put a monkey wrench in those plans.

Trump’s focus on Carrier is not sudden. On the campaign trail Donald J. Trump often targeted Carrier for its February announcement that it was closing its Indiana-based manufacturing lines and moving several thousand jobs to a new plant in Mexico leaving thousands of Indiana residents without a livelihood.

So, Carrier became one of Trump’s first targets before he even took the oath of office. The President-Elect announced the deal to much coverage in the media and while there were many naysayers, in the days following his announcement polls have shown that Trump’s deal is wildly popular with the American people.

A new poll sponsored by Trump-hating Politico finds that the President-Elect’s Carrier deal is a big deal as far as voters are concerned. Fully 60 percent of combined voters in the poll said that the Carrier deal caused them to view Trump more favorably.

This week Trump has done it again with an announcement from the lobby of Trump Tower, New York, that Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank — owner of the ……

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Trump Is Already Controlling The Story on the Economy and His Opponents are Furious ⋆ The Constitution



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