This Will Be Trump’s Hardest Choice

President-Elect Donald Trump has yet to fill the hardest choice he must make for his cabinet. The Director of the Veterans Administration is going to have one of the toughest roles of any cabinet member. The scandal-ridden VA has defeated all efforts to reform it and get it focused on doing the right things for our veterans. The only thing that will reform the VA at this stage will be a corporate-style blood letting. 

As Written by Jim Stinson for Lifezette:

President-elect Donald Trump is taking his time picking a new chief for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Under President Obama, the department was plagued with scandals and even untimely deaths.

A Phoenix VA facility was even caught altering the records of its offices to hide the medical wait times for veterans. In October, after a lengthy examination, the inspector general said more than 200 veterans died while waiting for medical care at a VA hospital in Phoenix.

According to Fox News, two years earlier, the facility was at the center of a scandal in which patient records were altered to hide the length of people’s waiting periods.

As Trump often said on the campaign trail, America’s veterans deserve better. And voters appeared to resoundingly agree with him.

The wounds and scars from the last two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were deep, and wounded soldiers need continued care. But vets from earlier conflicts in Iraq, Vietnam and even peacetime are beginning…..

Full Story Here:

Trump’s Hardest Choice: VA Reformer | LifeZette



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