This puts a different spin on the Democratic blame-shifting over Russia Propaganda, doesn’t it?

Early this year Senator Tom Cotton wanted to work with President Obama and address the Russian problem as it relates to the election. Back then, Mr. Obama was not the least bit interested. Now that he and the Democrat Party need to play the blame game, the Russians were everywhere and to blame for everything. 

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

Some Senate Dems balking at select committee?

This puts a different spin on the Democratic blame-shifting, doesn’t it? Barack Obama and other Democrats have argued that Hillary Clinton lost the election in part due to “fake news” fueled by Russian propaganda, and that Republicans didn’t want to act to stop it. Politico has its hands on document that shows Senator Tom Cotton wanted to form an intelligence task force in early 2016 to counter those efforts — and the Obama administration shot it down:

The White House opposed a Republican-led push earlier this year to create an executive-branch task force to battle Russia’s covert information operations, according to a document obtained by POLITICO.

Sen. Tom Cotton, a leading GOP defense hawk who has long urged President Barack Obama to take a harder line on Russia, sought to force the White House to create a panel with representatives from a number of government agencies to counter Russian efforts “to exert covert influence,” including by exposing Russian “falsehoods, agents of influence, corruption, human rights abuses, terrorism, and assassinations.”

But the administration rejected the call, saying in a letter to Congress that hasn’t been released publicly that the panel would duplicate existing efforts to battle Russian influence operations — an argument Cotton rejects.

Er … what duplicate efforts? Intelligence analyst John Schindler started warning about a lack of counter-propaganda structure over a year ago, as a nascent State Department effort got dismantled before it ever got going…..

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Cotton: Obama admin shot down my proposal to fight Russian propaganda « Hot Air




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