The Moral Cowardice of Obama and Kerry

The acts of President Obama and John Kerry smack of cowardice and vindictiveness. By allowing the UN resolution to pass and then the John Kerry speech on top of that, has punted our only true middle east ally down the field. It has created not just a problem for Donald Trump but undermines peace in the area, if not the world. It was a despicable act for a departing administration.

As written by Erick Erickson and appeared first on The Resurgent:

For eight years, Barack Obama has given lip service to our special relationship with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East and our long time ally. During that time, the United States has opposed anti-Israel efforts in the United Nations, standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel. But with less than four weeks before he leaves office, Barack Obama finally worked with Israel’s enemies to pass a United Nations resolution hostile to Israel.

This is an act of moral cowardice and immaturity the likes of which Barack Obama thinks only Donald Trump is capable of.

Nothing has changed in our relationship with Israel in the past several years. Obama has been increasingly hostile toward Israeli interests, but he has maintained a facade of friendship. Nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed is how much longer Barack Obama has in office and the fact that voters will never again see him on a ballot.

Today, with less than three weeks to go before they depart, John Kerry intends to give a speech offering a “comprehensive vision” on Middle East peace. He is allegedly expected to recognize a Palestinian state — something no American administration, including this one, has done.

Doing so three weeks before departing office does nothing but create……

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The Moral Cowardice of Barack Obama and John Kerry | The Resurgent



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