President Obama is Trying One More Time to Force the UN Gun Treaty on Americans 

In his never-ending quest to defeat the Second Amendment, President Obama signed and then sent the United nations Arms Trade Treat to the Senate to be signed. It will be dead on arrival. However, it will sit there until some liberal controlled  Congress and future liberal President sees fit to ratify it. This is a back door attempt to get your guns.

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Last week, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah sent the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty to the US Senate to be ratified.  It’s sure to be dead on arrival because of the Senate’s stand against the ATT, but he is just demonstrating his utter contempt for America, the Constitution, and the Second Amendment.

Obama has been frustrated at every turn when it comes to his attacks on the Second Amendment, and when he has been beat back, he throws a temper tantrum like a little child.

While he said he would focus this last year on pushing more gun confiscation measures, he has been kept in check.

In a recent CNN interview, Obama admitted that his failure to enact gun control was the “one area where I feel that I’ve been most frustrated.”  As he should be frustrated.

Gun Owners of America Communications Director Erich Pratt is calling on the Trump administration to “unsign” the ATT.

Pratt laments, “I’m sure that you’re already aware that the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) would attack the Second Amendment in many ways.  Most notably, it would REQUIRE America to set up a national gun registry.  If New York City is any indicator, confiscation would soon follow.”

I agree with that assessment.

Secretary of State John “Lurch” Kerry lied to the American people about the ATT having a national gun registry, something that is blatantly unconstitutional.

Kerry has insisted that this treaty is about “keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors.”

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Obama is Trying One More Time to Force the UN Gun Treaty on Americans ⋆ The Constitution




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