Obama’s National Monument Utah Land Grab to be Challenged

President Obama’s farewell and midnight land grab will not go unchallenged, The Utah AG, Sean Reyes will bring a lawsuit over the naming of the Bears Ears area as a national monument. The Federal government owns 66.5% of  Utah as it is. When is that enough?

As Written By Timothy Cama for The Hill:

Utah’s attorney general says he is preparing a lawsuit against President Obama for his decision to designate a new national monument in the state.

Attorney General Sean Reyes (R) on Wednesday said the lawsuit is one of numerous ways that he, Gov. Gary Herbert (R) and the state’s congressional delegation will fight the Bears Ears National Monument.

Reyes admitted that previous attempts to sue over national monuments have failed. The courts have upheld presidents’ power to protect federal land as monuments unilaterally.

“My office is working closely with the governor’s office, federal and state legislators, and San Juan County to file a lawsuit challenging this egregious overreach by the Obama administration,” Reyes said in a statement late Wednesday after Obama’s announcement.

“This case is different from other past challenges by states and counties and we are confident in our chances of success,” he continued.

“But the courtroom is not our only option. Our federal delegation is working hard to defund the designation or rescind it altogether…..

Source: Utah AG says he’ll sue Obama over national monument | TheHill



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