Law Enforcement Expects This to Happen Under Donald Trump

What President Obama took away with a phone call and a pen, President Donald Trump will be able to restore with a phone and a pen. Military surplus equipment was prohibited by an Obama executive order from being sold and/or given to law enforcement. Donald Trump made a campaign promise to restore the program. The new executive order is anxiously awaited by police forces everywhere. Liberal heads will explode.

As Written and reported by Newsmax:

If president-elect Donald Trump keeps his promise, surplus military grenade launchers, bayonets, tracked armored vehicles and high-powered firearms and ammunition will once again be available to state and local U.S. police departments.

National police organizations say they’ll hold Trump to that promise.

President Barack Obama issued an executive order restricting that access in 2015 amid an outcry over police use of armored vehicles and other war-fighting gear to confront protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Since then, federal officials have recalled more than 1,800 items, which have been destroyed through target practice or otherwise disposed of, officials say.

But state and local police organizations have protested, insisting that military-style vehicles and gear help protect officers’ lives and public safety — for example, a privately manufactured, tracked armored vehicle played a key role in the police response to the mass shooting at a county government building in San Bernardino, California, in December 2015……

Full Story Here:

Police Expect Trump to Lift Limits on Surplus Military Gear



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