Here is Why The Election Was Not Hacked  

The one thing that you will take away from this article is an understanding of why the election was NOT hacked. It was not even influenced by the Russians. It is technically an impossibility to control 50 State plus DC and territories elections. The information that was released was the fault of those that sent it. It was the contents that sunk Hillary Clinton. Why does the media focus on the other? They are looking for any excuse.

As Written Jon Gabriel, Ed for Ricochet: 

Between jeremiads decrying “fake news,” the mainstream media has created and advanced the biggest fake news story of 2016: That the presidential election was hacked.

  • “Obama Strikes Back at Russia for Election Hacking” New York Times
  • “Obama administration unveils retribution for Russia over election hacking allegations” CNBC
  • “U.S. Slaps Sanctions On Russia For Election Hacking, Expels 35 Diplomats” CBS
  • “Obama sanctions Russian officials over election hacking” USA Today
  • “U.S. Sanctions Russia Over Election Hacking; Russia Threatens to Retaliate” Wall Street Journal

Despite the histrionic claims of the press, the election was not hacked. The Democratic National Committee’s lousy IT security allowed someone to access their emails which were then leaked. Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta fell for an age-old phishing scam that was as believable as getting millions of dollars from a Nigerian prince. Using the spotty media understanding of cybersecurity, they can claim that the DNC and Hillary’s campaign were “hacked,” but the election decisively was not. And the press knows it.

In order to “hack” an election, a nefarious group would have to infiltrate the voting systems of 50 states, plus DC and territories. All of these systems are unique, with completely different architecture, ballot formats, tabulation processes, etc., etc. This did not happen. In fact, some ….


The Election Was Not Hacked  |  Ricochet



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