FBI Warrant: Hillary Clinton Emails Posed Exceptionally Grave Risk

Now that the FBI warrant used on Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer is released, we can see that’s Hillary Clinton’s emails on her private server posed an exceptionally grave risk to national security. These are the words that the FBI used in the affidavit. The only question that needs to be answered at this point is when will formal charges be filled? 

As Written By J. Marsolo for American Thinker:

The release of the FBI’s warrant, dated October 20, 2016, to seize and search a laptop computer related to Hillary’s emails again confirms and reminds us that Hillary put our national security at “exceptionally grave danger” by her use of a private email server to conduct State Department business.  Obama knew about her use but did nothing to stop it.

The application for the warrant contains an affidavit of probable cause that details the reasons for the warrant.

Paragraph 20 of the affidavit states that Hillary turned over to the State Department 30,499 emails in response to a records request from the State Department.  The Department then reviewed these emails in response to a FOIA request.  After review, the State Department announced on February 20, 2016 that 2,115 emails contained “classified” information; 2,028 of the 2,115 contained “confidential” information; 65 of the 2,115 contained “secret” information; and 22 of the 2,115 contained “top secret” information.

Paragraph 21 of the affidavit states that the U.S. government concluded that the unauthorized disclosure of the 2,028 “confidential” emails could cause “damage” to national security, unauthorized disclosure of the 65 “secret” level emails could cause “serious damage” to national security, and unauthorized disclosure of the 22 “top secret” emails could cause “exceptionally grave damage” to national security.

We do not know the contents of the 33,000 emails Hillary destroyed.  But the inference is she destroyed them because she considered them damaging to her…….

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Blog: FBI search warrant: Hillary Clinton put US at ‘exceptionally grave’ risk



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