The Next Liberal Brainstorm is Going to Make You FUME!

In the latest liberal lunacy, Lawrence Samuel writes an essay for the Yew York Times proposing that we do away with States. That is his solution to the Electoral College. We had a Super Moon this week and I think someone slept too close to the bedroom window. Can you imagine the Federal Government running EVERYTHING? Me neither. You have to read this to believe it and see the rebuttal.

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

What did these hacks know anyway?

Before the dust had even settled on Hillary Clinton’s defeat we were already hearing rumblings from liberals about the urgent need to do away with the electoral college. That’s a given, since she won the popular vote while still taking a beating in the EC. But not everyone thinks that a “simple” shift to the popular vote model is enough of a change. Some are mulling over doing away with that whole “States” part of “The United States of America.”

When I first began reading Lawrence Samuel’s essay on this subject at the Washington Post I was almost certain that it was a bit of satire in the fine tradition of A Modest Proposal. After all, the entire history of the nation is founded on the idea of a coalition of individual states, each exercising local control under the more general umbrella of the federal government. But as it turns out, Samuel appears to be completely serious. He offers a brief tip of the hat to the founders, saying that the uniting of the original 13 colonies was, “a historic achievement.” But that was then and this is now, as the saying goes.

But times have changed, and we need to rethink the notion of the “United States of America.” Our states are no longer culturally diverse regions with their own respective identities; rather, they are artificially constructed geographic entities that certainly would not be formed today. Borderlines between states are especially nonsensical. Pensacola, Fla., is a lot more like Mobile, Ala., than Miami. Upstate New Yorkers are less than happy about being in the same tax pool as Manhattanites.

In fact, despite all the attention to divisions within the country based on geography (or race, gender, class or any other demographic measure, for that matter), Americans share a remarkably similar way of thinking and acting. (The so-called red-vs.-blue-state divide is a crude, media-driven concept that looks great on maps but has little basis in reality.) Regional differences have drastically dissipated over the course of the past 240 years, turning the once radical proposition of the “United States” into an anachronism that now has little or no real value.

Where to even begin with this mess? It’s absolutely true that that state borders are far less definitive than they were in the early days of the nation and the ability of Americans to easily migrate tends to dilute the pool quite a bit. But that doesn’t mean that Americans share a …..

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The next liberal brainstorm: let’s just do away with states in America « Hot Air



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