Liberals on Collision Course with History

Laura Ingraham gives an electoral college lesson that most of the liberal elites need to review. All the progressive noise out there to misuse, intimidate, or do away with the electoral college reveals zero understanding of what they seek. There is also some great insight in the article regarding the basic fact that presidential campaigns are designed to win at the electoral college, not the popular vote. Read this and pass along to a liberal friend.

As Written By Laura Ingraham for Lifezette:

Electoral College designed by Founders to protect vulnerable Americans from the tyranny of elites.

After complaining for months that our electoral process takes too long, now some commentators apparently want it to take even longer. Lawrence Lessig has written an article for The Washington Post saying that members of the Electoral College should ignore what they were actually elected to do, and should take it upon themselves to give the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

His argument is that since Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, she is the “people’s choice.” Other commentators have made similar claims, and given the general angst and unhappiness that fills so much of the commentariat these days, we can expect this meme to float around for years to come. So let’s clarify a few points right now:

1.) No one, including Hillary Clinton, was trying to win the popular vote. If the candidates had been trying to win the popular vote, almost everything about this election would have been different. The candidates might have picked different running mates. They might have emphasized different issues. They almost certainly would have campaigned in different states, run different commercials, and held different events. Does anyone think the Trump campaign would have largely ignored California and New York if he needed to win the popular vote? Of course not. He played under the rules as they are written in our Constitution — the same rules that governed the Clinton campaign — and he won. Trying to declare Hillary Clinton the winner because she won the popular vote is like saying that we should decide football games by which team has the most yards, or a baseball game by which team has the most hits. You could decide football and baseball games that way — and maybe we should — but we don’t. Similarly, we decide Presidential elections by Electoral College votes, not by popular votes — and we’ve been doing it that way since 1789. Trying to change the rules in the middle of an election would be bad enough; trying to change them after the election is an irresponsible attack on the whole political system…….

Continue the rest of the article here:

Hillary’s Popular Vote Holdouts on Collision Course with History | LifeZette



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