The Self Proclaimed Most Transparent President, Set A New Record

As fate would have it, the self proclaimed most transparent President in the history of the United States of America has just set a new record. The record is quite the opposite and the Associated Press has written an annual report on the subject. We knew this right?


As Written By Douglas Ernst for WND:

An annual report by the Associated Press shows the Obama administration’s claim to be the most transparent ever to be a categorically untrue.

A review of all Freedom of Information Act requests to 100 federal agencies during fiscal 2015 revealed a record for the number of times the White House couldn’t find a single page requested by journalists and citizens.

Government researchers “completed” 129,825 requests – one in six cases – by telling individuals or organizations they came up empty-handed, AP reported Friday. Approximately 77 percent of all requests were closed out after censored or blank files were released, a jump of 12 percent since Obama first took office.

Full Story Continues Here:

Obama Sets Infamous Record For Lack Of Transparency – Fox Nation



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