Senate Committee Demands Jeh Johnson Cough Up ALL Documents on Whistleblower smear

It appears the Senate Committee has a beef with the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson. They are asking for all the communication and documentation on a whistleblower (now pencil pushing desk jockey). Why is this important? It is important because this could keep other whistleblowers from coming forward in situations that NEED it to happen.


As Written By Evan Gahr, The Daily Caller:

In a letter released Wednesday, Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson asked Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson for all documents and communications regarding the dismissal of ICE whistle-blower Taylor Johnson and his underlings’ secretive effort to discredit her to reporters.

Confused by all these Johnsons?

It’s hard not to be. The story also features a cameo by then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Let’s re-cap.

In 2013, Johnson, a decorated agent, was stripped of her gun and badge without explanation and placed on desk duty. The single mother of four was ousted right after Reid’s office complained to her boss because she would not approve ……..


Senate Committee Pushes DHS On Whistle-Blower Smear | The Daily Caller



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