SECRET MONEY: ‘Ghost corporations’ funding 2016 election?

The 2016 Presidential election cycle has exposed the most corrupt dealings in the history of elections. Not only do we have people who shouldn’t even be able to run for president (Hillary Clinton), we have the most disruptive GOP and now outsider ghost donations? When will the madness end? Read the below story and weigh in below.


As Written by Matea Gold and Anu Narayanswamy, The Washington Post:

Two days before Christmas, a trust called DE First Holdings was quietly formed in Delaware, where corporations are required to reveal little about their workings. A day later, the entity dropped $1 million into a super PAC with ties to Jersey City, N.J., Mayor Steven Fulop, a Democrat considering a gubernatorial bid.

The trust, whose owner remains unknown, is part of a growing cadre of mystery outfits financing big-money super PACs. Many were formed just days or weeks before making six- or ­seven-figure contributions — an arrangement that election law experts say violates a long-standing federal ban on straw donors.

But the individuals behind the “ghost corporations” appear to face little risk of reprisal from a deeply polarized Federal Election Commission, which recently deadlocked on whether to even investigate such cases.

Opaque and hard-to-trace outfits are funneling millions to outside groups.


How ‘ghost corporations’ are funding the 2016 election – The Washington Post



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