REPORT: Republican Leaders Desperate to Stop Trump Go All Out With New Plan

A recent report by the New York Times has stated that Republican Leaders will be backing an independent candidate in the general election if their efforts to stop Donald Trump fails. Now I have a question. If this were happening to Ted Cruz, John Kasich or any of the others who are no longer in the race for the Republican nomination, would you be okay with it? It really doesn’t matter who you support, this is wrong on all levels. Read the full report below.


As Written By Dan Friedman, The Washington Examiner

Republicans leaders desperate to stop Donald Trump’s presidential bid are prepping a 100-day campaign to deny him the GOP nomination and, if that effort fails, will back an independent candidate in the general election, according to a report Saturday.

William Kristol, the prominent neoconservative editor of The Weekly Standard, sent a memo to allies outlining how backers could get a third party candidate on general election ballots around the country if Trump wins the GOP nomination, the New York Times reported.

The group is eyeing former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., along with less prominent conservatives for the role, according to the report. Kristol confirmed the plan on Saturday. This is Track Two, just in case, he said in a tweet, referring to the independent option. Track One is to stop Trump within GOP, where he’s getting only 37% of vote.


Conservatives prepare to back independent bid to stop Trump | Washington Examiner



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