We all know there are probably many reasons that Hillary Clinton chose to have a private email server set up. This article sheds some light on at least one thing she was trying to hide. Check it out.

Image by Stop Hillary PAC 2016 on Facebook

Image by Stop Hillary PAC 2016 on Facebook

As Written and first appeared on Investor’s Business Daily:

Corruption: Newly released documents reveal part of what Hillary Clinton was hoping to hide by using a personal email account for official government business. With the Clintons, it’s all about building an empire.

Judicial Watch released 276 documents Tuesday that had been obtained through one of its Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. Among the material are emails that show the State Department under Clinton was coordinating with the Clinton Foundation staff and how foreign governments sought favor through the intertwined State Department-Clinton Foundation link.

As we’ve said before, it looks as if Clinton used her job at the State Department to funnel cashinto her family’s nonprofit organization.

The latest batch of emails shows that foreign interests in Libya and Syria were among the many that took advantage of the State’s close ties to the Clinton Foundation. It was previously discovered that



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