What’s all the hubbub bub? What is the big deal? Aren’t the democrats used to having criminals on their tickets nationwide? Why is this scenario different than any other time? Watch the video and read below for all the juicy details.

As Written By Ben Kamisar, The Hill:

It’s the scenario that Republicans dream of and Democrats believe is all but impossible.  Hillary Clinton being forced to drop out of the presidential race due to criminal charges over her email server.

Any bombshell findings in the FBI’s investigation of Clinton could plunge the Democratic race into chaos.

Bernie Sanders could stand to gain. As the only other candidate in the Democratic race, the party could quickly coalesce around him in an effort to halt the bedlam. But that’s far from a sure thing, with many in the party fearful he would be a weak general election candidate.

Democrats insist there’s virtually no chance that Clinton will be indicted over her server. The candidate has said repeatedly that no laws were broken, and that classified information was never sent over the server. Asked about an indictment at the last Democratic debate, Clinton responded: “That’s not going to happen.”

In the event that Clinton stepped aside after winning the nomination at the convention, the Democratic National Committee could decide on the replacement on its own.

If an indictment came before the convention, the ……


The chaos scenario for Democrats | TheHill