Brussels Ran Ad Mocking Notion of Islamic Violence 2 Months Ago [VIDEO]

Brussels Ran An Ad Mocking Notion of Islamic Violence A Short 2 Months Ago. Is this video the reason that set the Islamic Jihadi Terrorists off? Do you think this video was mocking them?

As Written By  Blake Neff, The Daily Caller:

In the wake of Tuesday’s deadly bombing that killed at least 34 people, Brussels officials may regret an advertisement two months ago ridiculing the idea the city was a center of Islamic radicalism.

VisitBrussels, the city’s tourism department, crafted the #CallBrussels campaign in an effort to disassociate the city with Islamic terror after residents were linked to the November, 2015, Paris attacks and other extremist plots.  (FULL STORY CONTINUES HERE)



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