Baptist Donate Land for Water Tower

One must admire the symbolism of this water tower. That is probably why the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) fired off a sinister letter to the city. How did this come to pass? How did the Church’s name, the First Baptist Church of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, get its name on the water tower? Pretty simple and has nothing to do with the establishment of religion by the city. The FFRF, as an outsider, is meddling in a neighborhood it has no interest in. It is only pushing its anti God of any kind agenda down people’s throats. At some point the freedom of religion will overcome this un constitutional freedom from religion lie. Read and be encouraged that we can stand up to these bullies.

broken arrow water tower

Why does this water tower anger atheists?

The city council in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma was in a bit of a pickle.

The city was in the middle of a growth spurt and needed high ground to build a one-million gallon water tower.

But the property they needed was owned by the First Baptist Church. So they made a deal with Pastor Nick Garland and the congregation.

“We donated the land and the easements for the tower,” Pastor Garland told me. “In kind, they said they would paint our name on the water tower.”

It was a fair trade – all on the up and up.

“Our people are very generous,” he said, referring to his congregation. “We want to be good citizens as well as good Christian folks representing the kingdom of God.”

And Baptists are mighty partial to water.

“We’re in the business of talking about Living Water and this (deal) provided water for a community and water for our church and water for a whole new area of the city to develop,” the pastor said.



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