Boy that didn’t take long. Planned Parenthood Federation in the Western Hemisphere quick to offer abortion assistance and fund raise using the devastating Zika virus. Never let a crisis go to waste right?

Is there no shame among these people? They prey on the poor and all they think about is money. Way to go Planned Parenthood, kill off babies all for that bottom line.


As Written By Edwin Mora, Breitbart:

International Planned Parenthood Federation in the Western Hemisphere region (IPPF/WHR) is seemingly taking advantage of the Zika outbreak in the Americas, the hardest hit region by the mosquito-borne virus, to ask for donations to expand access to abortions and birth control.

As of 6 p.m. (ET) on Monday, IPPF/WHR was featuring a picture on its official webpage of a mosquito with the words, “Emergency: Zika virus is Spreading” superimposed over the image and a link to page, titled “Zika Virus: Make Your Emergency Gift,” that asks for preset donations of $50 to $500, with the option of giving any amount.