WHOA! Is This Why Sanders Is Going Easy on Hillary?

First, we do not want Bernie Sanders as president any more than we want Hillary Clinton. Why in the world is Bernie going “soft” on attacking Hillary? We know it’s not his sound economic policy and his boyish good looks right? Well, Rob Garver thinks he know the reasons. Check this out….

Bernie and Hillary

As Written By Rob Garver, Fiscal Times:

Remember in the debate Thursday night, when Bernie Sanders torched Hillary Clinton over being caught up in yet another federal investigation? Man, it was brutal…….

“Ladies and gentlemen, as we stand here today, we’re just learned that the Department of State has subpoenaed records from the Clinton Foundation as part of an investigation into some of its projects that were greenlighted by the federal government while she was serving as Secretary of State. The inspector general is also looking into the questionable employment status of her close aide, Huma Abedin. In case you’ve lost count, that makes three ongoing federal investigations related to Secretary Clinton, including one by the FBI into whether she put national security at risk and another by the State Department into her use of a private email server.

“My friends, I have great respect for Hillary Clinton’s service to the country, but we have to approach the upcoming election strategically. Public opinion polls consistently show that the American people view her as neither honest nor trustworthy. How many more scandals are out there? How many federal investigations do we want our presidential nominee caught up in when the general election comes around? I’m willing to give Secretary Clinton the benefit of the doubt on the questions these investigations raise, but will Donald Trump? Or Ted Cruz? Or, most importantly, the Independent voters we need to make sure a Democrat sits in the Oval Office in 2017?”

Oh, wait. Sanders didn’t say that stuff? Well, why not? (The PBS moderators, Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, didn’t either. But that’s another story.)

An enduring mystery of the Bernie Sanders campaign is that although federal investigators keep throwing him batting practice fastballs right over the plate, he refuses to swing. Last month, when the State Department, which Clinton used to run, had to admit that emails found on her private email server contained top secret information too sensitive to release even in redacted form, the Sanders campaign was silent.




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