The State of Georgia has passed two bills-in-one protecting businesses against the LGBT community and their precious little feelings after what has been happening in other states. Remember the bakers who have been targeted and forced to pay compensations to plaintiffs over refusal of service? This is just the beginning.

Andrew West discusses in depth what is taking place.


As Written By Andrew West,

A battle is brewing between the big budget behemoth that is Hollywood and its favorite east coast shooting locale, the state of Georgia, over several proposed religious liberty bills that are currently gaining favor in the state’s government.

The eight pieces of legislation that are being considered would allow for businesses within the state to deny services to men or women who identify as gay or lesbian, citing a religion-based objection to their lifestyle.  In some instances, these proposed laws could even go so far as to deny services to single mothers, an abomination of the legislative process if there ever was one.

Now Hollywood is weighing in after Friday, February 17th, when two such bills were combined and passed through the state house, and await final approval from the state senate.



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