Farrakhan Calls On Blacks To Follow These Commands for 2016. These aren’t just any commands, he calls them “divine instructions.” What is he, some self appointed deliverer of messages from his false prophet Muhammad? Give me a break.


As Written by (WWJ/AP) – Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is calling upon black people to unite and help redevelop Detroit.

Farrakhan’s remarks came Sunday as the Chicago-based movement wrapped up its four-day Saviour’s Day convention in Detroit, which has a black majority population.

Farrakhan, 82, told a crowd at Joe Louis Arena: “Detroit can be a great, great city again.” He says “opportunity is here, but the disunity is also here.”

“Detroit can be the new mecca,” Farrakhan said. “It can be great, great city. And it’s 83 percent black.”

His speech, entitled “Divine Instructions: Commands for 2016,” was streamed live on the National of Islam website.

In it,  Farrakhan covered a wide variety of topics including politics. He criticized politicians on both sides of the aisle for not helping black people, mentioning laws “written by Republicans” that he says deny black people the same opportunities as whites. About Democrats, he said: “They look right at you because they want your vote…I don’t care what they promise.”

Farrakhan also encouraged black men to protect black women, and said black women should use discretion with men who may not be worthy.