ISIS is a menace to society. This is just yet another example of the atrocities that they devise to cause mass harm and devastation to human kind. In a recent article, British intelligence is sending out a warning and it most likely should be heeded. Read more on this article below.


As Written by Clive Irving, The Daily Beast:

Experts warn that off-the-shelf drones could be used in a spectacular atrocity that would be live-streamed for a propaganda coup.

A team of British intelligence analysts has drawn up a chilling scenario in which terrorists launch a swarm of small drones in an attack on a major sporting event like the Super Bowl, unleashing multiple explosive devices on the crowd in the stadium.

“If we do not act to prevent it, it is only a matter of time,” Chris Abbott, the executive director of a think tank called Open Briefing, told The Daily Beast in an exclusive interview.