Doesn’t this make us all feel warm and cozy all over? Check out this latest report by Fox News and the statements from the Internal Revenue Service.


As Reported By Fox News:

The Internal Revenue Service said Friday that more than twice as many taxpayer accounts may have been hit by cyber-criminals than the agency previously reported, with hackers gaining access to as many as 700,000 accounts and attempting to break into an additional 575,000.

The disclosure is the second revision by the IRS in the last six months. Last August it said cyber-crooks used stolen Social Security numbers and other data to gain access to taxpayer information for as many as 330,000 accounts, up from a number of 114,000 announced in May 2015.

The hackers targeted “Get Transcript,” an IRS application that allowed taxpayers to obtain tax return information for prior years, but not the main IRS database. Thieves who want to claim fraudulent refunds prize such information because they can use it to make false returns harder for state and federal anti-fraud filters to detect.