In September of 2015 we knew of over 250 Americans since 2011 that had traveled overseas to join the ISIS militants.  Many have come back into the United States without being arrested or monitored as reported by Breitbart.

Now in a report from Saturday, January 16, 2015 we learn that a man and an accomplice have been arrested for attempting to Fly to Syria to join ISIS.


The AFP Report said:

Washington (AFP) – A US man was arrested for attempting to fly to Syria to join the Islamic State jihadist group, while an accomplice was arrested for supporting his plan, the Department of Justice said Saturday.

Joseph Hassan Farrokh, 28, and Mahmoud Amin Mohamed Elhassan, 25, both of Woodbridge, in the state of Virginia, were charged “for criminal activity relating to Farrokh’s attempt to travel to Syria” to join IS, the DoJ said.

FBI agents arrested Farrokh Friday at a local airport as he sought to board a flight to Chicago, “where he intended to board a flight to Amman, Jordan, with an ultimate destination of Syria,” the statement read.

Elhassan was arrested Friday in Woodbridge after he returned from driving Farrokh to catch the flight.